Subsurface Utility Clearing Technology

  • Clear underground utilities with the air and vacuum excavation (VacMaster 4000);
  • Expose buried pipes, conduits, outfalls, vaults, and cables without the use of traditional mechanical excavation methods;
  • Clear locations for future well, soil boring, piling, mast, or any other requirement;
  • Rehabilitation of underground utilities (broken sewer, water, electric, gas, phone, cable, etc lines) without the use of a backhoe, excavator, hand digging;
  • Keyhole technology, open a small hole to inspect conduits and pipe lines, rather than excavate a large area;
  • Preventative maintenance and inspection services for underground utilities;
  • Vacuum truck services, liquid and soils can be containerized in a truck mounted 500 gallon tank, 55 gallon drums, or can be pumped to a larger holding tank; and
  • Each project is completed with a report detailing the dimensions of the hole cleared, any utilities located, and a general site plan indicating the location of the hole on the property.